Mehndi Design 2020

2000+ Best Simple Mehndi Design in 2020

If you are looking for Beautifull Simple Mehndi Design. This is the Right Place for you, Here is the 2000+ huge collection of Latest Simple Mehndi Design 2020. Mostly in India Henna Mehndi is an important things for all girls. When a festive or occasions Started Every girls are trying the different Beautiful Mehndi Design on there Hands or Legs. Especially in wedding Henna Mehndi is playing a very important role.

2000+ Best Simple Mehndi Design in 2020

Mehndi design and the practice of applying henna in the hands of girls has been going on since ancient times. And even today girls, women and even small children like to have mehndi designs in their hands and legs. Mehndi designs are preferred not only in India but all over the world. If you like mehndi designs too, then you will find 2000+ mehndi designs on this website that you will like very much.

Mehndi Design

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is used in most marriages. At the wedding, the bride’s henna is applied very well. Very nice mehndi designs are put on the bride’s entire hand and in the legs, so that the bride looks even more beautiful. The bride only designs mehndi very well and lovingly. Because everyone wants to see the henna of the bride, whoever attends the wedding. If you keep visiting this website every day, then you will find many new designs of mehndi in it, which you will definitely like.

Girls apply very good designs of mehndi in all the functions before marriage. Not only girls, married women also consider mehndi very good. Every girl likes to apply henna on her hands. It is said that Mehndi designs are applied to the bride in the wedding. If after applying mehndi in it, if the henna of the bride’s hands brings more color, then the bride is going to get a lot of love from her husband. That is why the henna of the bride’s hands is very lovingly and beautifully applied by the artist. 2000+ Mehndi designs are available in our website. You can get them in your hands or in the bride’s hand.

Simple mehndi designs for hands

If you also like to apply henna in your hands and you want to see the mehndi design of the hands then you are also at the right place. Our website has 2000+ simple mehndi designs. Many of which are mehndi designs for hands. It is said that girls do not like empty hands. You will find many simple mehndi designs here which are only for the hands. Which you will definitely like. Below are several simple mehndi designs that you will definitely like to apply in your hands after seeing them.

1. Flower leaves on Hand

Mehndi designs for Hand are very importent for girls. Hand mehndi designs are very well designed, as everyone pays attention to first hand mehndi, this is why girls always design their hand mehndi very well.

Flower leaves on Hand

2. Round embroidery Mehndi Design For Hand

This hand mehndi design has a string of hand round flowers. This one mehndi design is a very clear formula. With this, you can apply it in your hands in any worship or function.

Round embroidery henna Design For Hand

3. Raja Rani Mehndi Design

This is a traditional mehndi design. In this way, the girls like to put their hands in the memory of the old King Rani. If the girls have small hands, then these mehndi designs look very good on them.

raja rani mehndi Design

4. Traditional Patton in full hand

These designs are applied in full hands. If you also like to apply henna in all hands, then you must try this design with a spring outside.

Left Hand full Cover Henna

5. Up Side Hand Mehndi Design

If you like the light and clean design above the hands. So you must definitely apply this design once, you will definitely like this mehndi.

Up Side Hand Henna Design

6. Beautiful Full Handed Mehndi

Another beautiful mehndi design that you should try. If you want to apply mehendi on all hands. You should try this design once on your hand.

Beautiful Full Handed Mehndi

7. Wedding Mehndi Design

If you want to apply henna to the wedding then this design can be the best design for you. You must definitely see this design once by applying this design, a very good design has been made in front of the hands.

Wedding Mehndi Design

8. Hand Up Side Mehndi Design

This is another Beautiful Design up side of Hand. This Simple Design Can make yourself Beautiful and staning. if your hand are smale then this design is makes for you.

Hand Up Side Mehndi Design

9. Ring Finger Mehndi 

This mehndi design on the ring finger looks very cute. This design looks very good on people whose fingers are short. If your finger is also small, then you should definitely apply this mehndi once.

Ring Finger Mehndi 

10. Left Hand Up Side Mehndi

Full covered design over left hand These are the designs with long arms. Looks better on them. So if you too have long hands, then you must try this design once.

Left Hand Up Side Henna

11. Full Hand Bridal Henna

In this design, henna is decorated very well on the entire hand. This is a bridal mehndi. If you want, you can apply it to a bride. Or you can also apply it in your hands.

Full Hand Bridal Henna

12. Front Side Short Cover Mehndi

Here is another bride’s henna. There are very cute designs here too. Which you can put in the hands of yourself or a friend.

Front Side Short Cover Henna

13. Single Design of Leaves

The designs of leaf vine on the hands are very good. When you apply this design on your hands, the whole part of the hand is not covered, which looks very good in appearance.

Single Design of Leaves

14. Dual Design of Leaves

This bell design looks very good on both hands. These two hand bell designs of Mehndi are very attractive. These designs are very popular.

Dual Design of Leaves

15. Rangoli and small circle

There is confidence in God to make the cycle in your hands. And he teaches us how to face many smiles. When rangoli is made in the hands, it comes in the hands.

Rangoli and small circle

16. Round bubble patten

The round design in which small bubbles are also made is a very good rig. Whose girls like to get married. These are quite popular designs.

Round bubble patten

17. Simple back side Design

These are very simple and beautiful designs that anyone can comfortably put in their hands. When it comes to color after applying henna, it looks very cute.

Simple back side Design

18. Back side flower and thread

The design will also look good in the simple on the back side because it has a flower on one side and very closely designed on the other side. It feels good after being held in the hands.

Back side flower and thread

19. Circle and vines

Both these designs are very good. If you want, you can create the same design in both. Or both the dies can also make different designs. Mehndi will look beautiful in only two conditions.

Circle and vines

20. Flower leaves and twigs

The best combination of leaf and hand flowers in the fingers is a very good design, you should definitely try it, because once in the back side such design seems very clear. Which looks very good in appearance.

Flower leaves and twigs

21. Mia Bibi Design

If settled, making Mia Bibi Mehndi designs is a difficult task. But you can make it comfortably in your hands. These designs are also simple and look very attractive.

Mia Bibi Design

22. Multiple Mix Design

This design has a lot of Peyton designed together. In which a lot of cool designs have been made by mixing lotus flower leaf peacock and barfi design. These designs are more in the hands of the bride.

arabic mehndi design 4

23. Now Complte Both Hand

Here is a very good design, the heart is made half in one hand and half in the other hot. These designs look complete when the two hands are joined together. If this design is applied to the bride, then the bride’s hands look very cute.

Now Complte Both Hand

24. Peacock on Your hand 

In this design, the peacock is very well made in the hands. The peacock which looks very beautiful is decorated very well with its feathers.

arabic mehndi design 3

25. Mom Dad Kids All are in Hand

In this design, mother dad and baby are all made. Children’s pictures have been made. And the names of mother and dad are written. These are very different designs, these designs will get you a lot of work to see.

arabic mehndi design 1
arabic mehndi design

26. Bell Style Arbic Mehndi Design

If you like Arabic Mehndi designs. So here is a good choice. In this, the bells on the hands are made with very good design. You should definitely look at it once and you will surely like it.

Bell Style Arbic Mehndi Design

27. Stripping Arbic Mehndi Design

Here is another great Arabic Mehendi design. Which you can apply in your hands. If you like arabic mehndi designs. So here too will be a best choice for you. You must see it once in your hands.

great Arabic Mehendi desig

28. Jaali Arabic Mehndi Henna Design 

Arabic mehndi designs are another great design here. It has a mesh design made in the hands. These designs also look great on the hands of the bride. You must put this once in your hands.

arabic mehndi design 2

29. Bold Arabic Mehndi Design

Here is a bold arabic design. Which is very good for girls with small arms. If your hands are also small. So you must try this bold arabic mehndi design. After applying this design your hands are going to look very beautiful.

Bold Arabic Mehndi Design

30. Clasic And Simple Mehndi Design

If you like classic and simple designs then you must try and apply this mehndi design. Designs here are very popular in Arabic mehndi. You felt sure that you would definitely like it.

front hand Mehendi Design

Back Hand Style Arabic Mehndi Designs 2020

In today’s time, people are very much interested in Arabic mehndi designs in 2020. And for this reason, we have made a best collection of stylish arabic mehndi designs for you here on our website. If you also like the design of Arabic Mehndi then you should also check the design here. And these designs should also be applied in your hands. Arabic mehndi designs are very popular. Mostly Arabian mehndi designs are applied to brides in weddings. Because these mehndi designs are very beautiful and the bride looks very beautiful when applied with this.

1. Jewellery Arabic Mehendi Design

In this design, many beautiful jewelery designs have been made on the upper or back side of the hands. You must see this design by putting it, it will look very beautiful on your hands.

back side arabic mehndi design

2. Index Finger Back Side Mehndi Design

The index finger’s mehndi designs look very cute. If you design here, your hands will look very cute. You must try this arabic mehndi design once.

Index Finger Back Side Mehndi Design

3. Four Fingers Back Side Mehndi Design

This design, which connects the four fingers to the wrist, looks very attractive in the back side of the hand. Here you should try Arabi Mehndi Design once.

Four Fingers Back Side Mehndi Design

4. Two Finger living Mehndi Design

If you apply this arabic mehndi design connecting two fingers to the wrist, then your hand will look very beautiful. When you apply this mehndi design to a wedding or a party, everyone’s eyes will remain on your hands.

back side mehndi design

5. Back Hand Neckless Mehndi Design

In this design, a very beautiful necklace is made behind the hands. Whose hand will be very beautiful if you apply it to the bride. Or the bride and her sisters or her friends would like to apply it in weddings.

Back Hand Neckless Mehndi Design

6. Back Hand Peacock Mehndi Design

The design of animal birds is very much liked in India. And the peacock is a very beautiful bird. If you make it in your hands. So it is also considered very auspicious. With this, girls like to worship or to perform any function.

Back Hand Peacock Mehndi Design

7. Wave on Hand Mehndi Design

Here is a beautiful arabic mehndi design which is placed behind the hands. You should check it by applying it once. After applying it, the beauty of the hands goes away and the hands of the girls look very beautiful.

Wave on Hand Mehndi Design

8. Peacock on the hands Mehndi Design

Peacock is very beautifully made in the hands. These designs look very attractive and amazing. When you apply this on your hands, everyone will keep looking at you. This design is made very closely.

Peacock on the hands Mehndi Design

9. Heavy Frame On Back Hand

Much work has been done in this design. If you like Arabic mehndi designs, then you can apply this design, which gives a very good look after applying. With this, you should definitely try with one.

back side arabic mehndi design 8

10. Ring and pendant Back Hand Mehndi Design

Hanging the pendant on your hands is quite a traditional practice. This sees the girls as their honor. After applying it, every girl looks very beautiful. This is also an Arabic mehndi design.

back side arabic mehndi design 9

Full Hand Mehndi Design 2020

Full hand mehndi designs are mostly applied to the bride at the wedding. But now-a-days girls are also very fond of applying henna in their full hand. If you go to any wedding or party, you will see that girls roam with henna in their full hand. On applying henna in all hands, the girl, small or big, looks beautiful like a bride. That is why girls like to apply full hand mehndi in their hands. And by applying henna in the whole hand, it is easy to make the entire design of mehndi in the hands. And on applying full hand mehndi, henna also looks good and it is easy to apply any mehndi design. With this ring, girls like to apply full hand mehndi design.

1. Pakistani Full Hand Mehndi Design

Very good work has been done in this Pakistani mehndi design. The entire hand is so beautifully decorated with henna, that after seeing you, you will definitely say that now I have to apply it in my hands. After applying the bride to these mehndi designs weddings, the bride’s hands look very beautiful.

Full Hand Mehndi Design

2. Full Hand Arabic Mehndi design

In full hand mehndi, arabic mehndi design has always been considered to be a very good design, in this design, very beautiful peacock and elephant are made in your hands. In this design you will get full feeling of wild life.

Full hand Mehendi Design 2

3. Full Hand Bridal Mehandi Design

In the settled wedding, the bride is decorated very beautifully but Mehndi is considered to be the most important of all. Because everyone sees the bride’s mehndi and the beauty of the bride comes out in front of it. There is something similar in this design as well.

full hand mehndi design 3

4. Dulha Dulhan Mehndi Design

In this mehndi design full hand groom and bride are made. In this, the bride and groom are shown wearing each other barmala. These mehndi designs are very attractive. The girls look very beautiful by applying this design.

Dulha Dulhan Mehndi Design

5. Full Hand Dulha Dulhan Mehndi Design

This mehndi design depicts the bride and groom getting married. Which is a wonderful and unique feeling. You can apply this design on your hand or on the hands of a bride. There is a unique design here which is very colorful.

full hand mehndi design 5

6. Full Hand Wedding Mehndi Design

You will be able to apply this mehndi design at weddings or any festival, if you apply this mehndi on your hands, your hands will look beautiful, which makes you different from you and people. Applying with this will make you look different and beautiful than others.

full hand mehndi design 6

7. Full Hand Shaadi Wala Mehndi Design

In this mehndi design, the bride and groom are very lovingly designed on their hands. With this you must definitely apply once because after applying it you are very beautiful paper.

full hand mehndi design 7

8. Full Hand Dulhan Mehndi Design

It would be best for the bride to apply this mehndi design. There will be a perfect choice here. If you are looking for mehndi designs for a bride then you can select this mehndi design. After applying this design, the bride looks very beautiful.

full hand mehndi design 8

9. Full Hand Indian Mehndi Design

This design is applied on all hands in very good way. Applying this mehndi design on the hands of the bride increases her beauty, so this mehndi design should be applied in the hands of the new bride.

full hand mehndi design 9

10. Full Hand Multi-Patented Mehndi Design

This mehndi design has a lot of patented. Which makes this mehndi design a little different from the auro. If you want, you can apply this multi-patented design on your hands. Or you can also put it on the hands of a bride.

full hand mehndi design 10

Henna Mehndi Design For Legs 2020

It is considered auspicious to apply mehndi on the feet. We have made a very large collection of legs Mehndi Designs on our website. If you want mehndi design of legs then you are at the right place. You have created a huge collection of best leg mehndi designs of 2020, you can select the best mehndi designs from here and apply them on your feet. If you want the best collection of leg Mehndi Designs, then you are in the best place. The henna bride is applied on the bais paro. So here we have made a collection of mehndi designs of many bridal legs.

1. Simple Mehndi Design For Legs

A bride is incomplete without applying henna to the feet. These mehndi designs are the best for the bride’s feet. If you are tuning mehndi designs for a bride. So you can apply this mehndi in your pare or on the bride’s feet.

mehndi design for legs

2. Jaali Style Mehndi Design for Legs

This is a very good design, with a mesh design built on top of it. In this design, the heart is also made in the middle of the mesh. This design looks very good with this ring. Here are the best choices for the bride.

mehndi design for legs 2

3. Mandala Feet Mehndi Design

Here is a Mandala mehndi design that you will find beautiful on your hand. It has a mandala design in the middle above the feet.

mehndi design for legs 3

4. Artistic Asymmetrical Leg Mehendi Design

Artistic Asymmetric Mehndi Design If you feel this mehndi design, then your hands are going to look very beautiful to me. Or any bride or any girl will look very attractive after applying it.

mehndi design for legs 4

5. Pakistani henna design legs

Pakistani mehndi designs are very good designs for paro. Designs are very famous here in Pakistan. If you like Pakistani mehndi designs then this will be the best design for you in 2020.

mehndi design for legs 5

6. Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Designs For Leg

In this design, a peacock design is made on par. If you like the peacock design, then you should try the one with the design.

mehndi design for legs 6

7. Mandala Latest Mehndi Design For Leg

Here is a new mehndi design. Designs here are the best for 2020. If you are looking for the best design for paro then here will be the best mehndi design.

mehndi design for legs 7

8. Designer Mandala Leg Mehndi Design

Here is a designer mehndi design. Try it once in your feet. These are very cute designs, you can try this on the bride’s feet. This mehndi design will look good on the feet of the bride or any girl.

mehndi design for legs 8

9. Peacock Flower Mehandi Design on leg

The peacock flower design looks very good if made on foot. The peacock design is very good. And if flowers are made with it, then it looks very cute. You will say the same after applying this mehndi design.

mehndi design for legs 9

10. Floral leaf Mehndi design for Leg

The design of floral leaves always looks good. When it is applied on the leg. So the legs of the girls look very beautiful because there is a natural design here.

mehndi design for legs 10mehndi design for legs 10

Henna Mehndi Design For Kids 2020

Everybody likes to apply mehndi in their hands whether it is big or small. Because henna is so sweet. And if the henna design is applied in the hands of children, then it looks very cute. And children like small and simple designs. Because their hands are very small. And henna is very cute on small hands. Here you will find a collection of the best Mehndi designs of children, which are very cute and simple.

1. flowers and shells

Simple flowers and circular mehndi designs for children. With this simple mehndi design is specially designed for children. Here is the best selection for children. In this, the flower is made inside a circle. And the fingers have a dot in the circle.

Mehndi Design For Kids

2. Flowers and Star Mehndi Design on The Back Side

In this design, the little girl flowers on the back side of her hand and a simple simple design of the star is made. These designs are very simple and if you apply it in the hands of a child, then this design will be very cute in the hands of that child.

Simple Mehndi Design For Kids

3. Flower and cherry mehndi designs

In this design, the cherry fruit is applied to the fingerlings and a flower is formed in the middle. This design has been made in the hands of a younger one of three years. You can select this mehndi design for your child.

Mehndi Design For Kids 3

4. Butterfly Mehndi Design For kids

In this mehndi design, a very nice butterfly design has been made on the top side of the back of the hand. Butterfly bais is beautiful, and children like it too. And if you make such a design of henna in the hands of children, then the children will become very happy.

Mehndi Design For Kids 4

5. Bees and flowers Mehndi Design For Kids

It is a beautiful sight to see a bee who is sucking the juice from a flower. And you can make mehndi design on the hand of a girl. Both bees and flowers look beautiful to look at. Can be made in small child’s hand.

Mehndi Design For Kids 5

6. Multi Hearted Mehndi Design for Kids

There are a lot of small little hearts in this design. Which looks very cute. They are also easy to make and look very cute. If you want to apply henna in the hands of a child, then you can see the cry attached to it.

Mehndi Design For Kids 7

7. Round flower design

In this design, a flower is made from very small round and round designs and a fine mehndi design is made from it. With this, you can see your baby’s hand made with a very cute design, it will definitely look very cute once you make it in the hand of a child.

Mehndi Design For Kids 6

8. Elephant design behind the hands

Everyone loves wild animals. And elephants are very much liked by children and in such a way, if you make this mehndi design in the hands of a child, then that little girl will be very happy and this design will be very cute in her hands. If you are going to apply henna in the hands of a child, then you must apply this design once.

Henna Design For Kids 8

9. Flower Leaf Mehndi Design For Kids

This mehndi design features a flower in the middle of the hand as well as its leaves. These are very easy and beautiful designs, live specially designed for small children. If you have a small girl at your home too, then you must try this design once in her lovely hands.

henna For Kids

10. Arabic Mehndi Design For Kids

Here is an excellent arabic mehndi design made in the hands of a small girl. And here is a neat mehndi design. With this, you can attach a girl who is 5 to 6 years old. It will look good on children of that age.

henna Design For Kids 10


1. What is the history behind henna?

Henna is an Arabic word, this is called henna in Hindi and Urdu, henna in Hebrew. And in Malayalam is called Melanchi. Henna mehndi plant is a type of dye made from Lawsonia inermis.
This makes henna, also known as henna tree. Henna has been used since ancient times. Earlier people used to dye hair in wool or silk cloth and dye it in leather things.
Historically Henna mehndi was used in the Indian subcontinent, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East, Carthage, other parts of North Africa, and Africa.
In Europe, henna was very popular among women associated with the former Raphaelite artists of England in the 1800s as beauty. In the early nineteenth century, full credit for popularizing the use of henna in Europe is attributed to the opera singer Adelina Patti.
She used to keep her hair red with mehndi. He once dyed his pet dog’s hair with henna and turned it red like his people. The incident was prevalent here for a long time.
Mehndi was very much used in Muslim people. After the Sunnah of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed, all of the mehl’s hairs were painted with man’s henna and bearded hair. Since then men of Muslim religion consider it auspicious to dye their beard hair with henna.
Muslim men use henna as a dye for hair and especially to dye their beards. Muslims here believe that Prophet Muhammad has an admirable tradition here.
Also, a prophet believes that he encouraged Muslim women to paint their nails with mehndi to demonstrate femininity and to separate their hands from those men.
Thus, some Muslim women of the Middle East apply mehndi on their finger and toes as well as hands.

2. Is henna Indian or Arabic?

henna which is an arabic name. And it would be absolutely wrong to say here that henna is Arabic or Indian is both Arabic and Indian have considered their own different.

Henna is a type of dye made from the Lawsonia inermis salt plant, which Arabs used to dye their hair before. And currently Arabs also use it as a tattoo in their hands.

And if the Indian people believe it is different from them here, Mehandi was used in ancient times to dye the clothes and ornaments of King Maharajao.

Then the girls started applying it in their hands in weddings, it is made from the leaves of the henna tree and its juice.

In the recent times, girls of Hindu religion definitely apply mehendi in their hands in their marriages. Bridal decorations without mehndi are considered incomplete.

3. What is bridal mehndi?

Mehndi is also known by this name as Henna. Mehndi has a special place in Sadi in India. It is very important here in any saree.

Mehndi program is celebrated in India the day before the wedding. And in this program the bride is decorated with henna.

The bride’s hands and her feet are adorned with mehndi very fondly. The practice has been going on here for a long time.

Henna is also applied in the hands of the bride because it helps the bride’s hands to be planted with mehndi in the form of happiness and happiness.

When the bride leaves the house and goes to her groom’s house, he always has happiness and happiness in his hands.

And it is also said that the darker the color of the bride’s henna, the more love the bride gets in her in-laws. And her husband loves her just as much.

Mehndi program is celebrated a day before the wedding. On this day, henna is applied in a very good way by filling it in both hands and both legs of the bride.

Along with the bride, the bride’s groom and the bride’s Sahilia also apply henna in their hands on this day. And everybody enjoys a lot.

Women music is also composed on this day. Girls and women do a lot of singing and dancing to music.

4. How can I make my henna darker?

Whenever someone makes mehndi. So in the mind of every girl or bride, the colour of her mehndi of the same desire should be very dark. And for this, every girl knows all the tips she knows. But the colour of this mehndi is not dark in the hands of every girl. But if some specific things are taken care of, then the colour of mehndi in everyone’s hands becomes dark. Let us know which are those special methods.

  • Leave it on Longer

The longer you can keep the henna, the better it works here. At least not raise it before 12. Then your mehndi will bring good colour. Make sure that you do not have to tease it before 12 hours. And then avoid water and soap for at least 24-48 hours. While bathing, your hands and feet are used with henna. He should pack it with polythene and only then pour water on his body. And once the time is complete, you can lift mehndi with your hands and feet with a knife or with the help of tissue paper. The longer the mehndi is kept, the better the dark colour it gives.

  • Apply a mixture of sugar and lemon

If you apply sugar and lemon juice in your hands, then it helps a lot to darken the colour of henna. Boil 3-4 tablespoons of sugar in water and leave it to cool. After cooling down, add the same amount of lemon juice to it, so that the entire juice becomes thick and liquid. Now before applying this juice in your hands, make sure that the henna on your hands and feet are completely dry or not. Do not apply it until it is completely dry. If you apply juice while you are getting wet, then your mehndi design can also be bad, hence this action should be done with great care.

  • Use heat and cloves

The use of hot cloves to deepen the colour of henna is quite a feat. So you can use cloves on your henna in two ways.

You can use this method after applying sugar and lemon juice. In this method, put some cloves in a pan and heat the water and when the water is very hot, then you steam the water over your henna continuously for 1 minute, then rest a little and then reheat again Apply this steam for 10 minutes and make sure that your henna does not melt with the heat of steam, this work is done with great success.

If you are interested in doing all this, then you can try another method as well. In this, you take some cloves in a pan and heat it like this and cover the pan and heat it. Then when it gets hot, turn it off and apply the heat on its henna. You should be careful while doing both actions. You should save your skin from burning and also keep the henna from becoming pitted.

  • Apply Balms or Oils

Once you remove the henna from your hands and feet. Then after that, you will see that a light orange design has been made on your hands.

There is no need to push you after seeing this. Here the days get darker. More dark happens here.

When you apply any balm, Vicks vapour or mustard oil on it. If you apply mustard oil on your hands and feet after extracting the henna, then it helps to darken the mehndi and also removes sugar and lemon juice here.

Massage your hands and feet with mustard oil. Then they become firm and the colour becomes darker and darker.

After doing all these four ways your henna color will turn dark. After making all the methods one after the other, the color of your henna will be darkened.

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